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BioGreen Palma Greenhouse Heaters.

Ideal Protection Against Cold And Frost Perfect for smaller greenhouses where space is at a premium, the powerful Palma features 1.5kW of heating power, and can circulate 163 cubic metres per hour, with temperature controlled by a single, easy to use dial.

Heating or ventilation in a snap
Palma ensuring that warm air is circluated quickly and evenly throughout your greenhouse removing any cold air pockets.

Air Movement
Palma Basic supplied with a built in capillary thermostat, or Digital - Palma Digital supplied with an additional electronic digital remote thermostat for instant switching accurate temperature control.

Spraywater proof
The portable, robust Palma meets very stringent safety standards; it has IPX4 protection and is thus splash-proof in all directions.

Powerful, energy-efficient, compact and safe – Bio Green‘s electronic fan heater, Palma, is a fantastic addition to your greenhouse, with it’s timeless design, stainless steel construction and solid build quality. Adaptable and efficient, the Palma is splash-proof rated to IP X4, and in addition to greenhouse use, it is also safe to use in damper rooms, like garages, basements, storage rooms, outbuildings and workshops – it can even be used as an emergency heater if required.


  • • 1.5 kW heating power
  • • Rugged construction with steel housing
  • • Bimetal thermostat ±0-90 °F
  • • Spraywater proof IP X4
  • • 6.2 ft cable length
  • • Ideal for Greenhouses up to 39 sq ft

BioGreen Parma:


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