Getting to Know the Grandio Summit – New Innovations

The highly anticipated launch of the Grandio Summit has brought a lot of excitement, and also some questions. On the surface, the Summit may just look like a 12’ wide Grandio Elite, but there’s a lot more going on than many realize. While the Grandio Elite has quickly become a benchmark in the hobby greenhouse industry with happy owners all over the US and Canada, the Summit takes that blueprint for success and pushes it a step further. Below we outline some of the upgrades that set the Summit apart from the pack.

  • New Door Design w/ Lock – One of our biggest requests over the years has been a locking door. In addition to a full redesign of the door itself, we have added a heavy-duty locking handle to keep your plants safe. The handle is made of cast aluminum with a double-latch mortise lock, and a two keys.

  • New Extrusions – A number of existing extrusions have been re-engineered for added strength and functionality. This redesign has allowed for the addition of new interior tracks along the horizontal roof and ridge pieces, creating more options for plant and trellis hanging.

  • New Window Seals and Redesigned Roof Vents with Weatherstripping – The Summit has upgraded aluminum window seals for added strength and appeal. The roof vents have also been redesigned with beefier extrusions and perimeter weatherstripping. In a departure from previous models, the roof vents can now be placed in any configuration or location on the mid-roof ridge.

  • Optional Threshold – The Summit comes complete with a heavy-duty door threshold to allow easy access for wheelchairs and wheelbarrows. This two-piece plate is adjustable to accommodate differences in elevation.

  • Interior Support Cables – In addition to the included snow load kit, the Summit also features a turnbuckle-controlled cable tension system to further disperse the roof load and boost the structural integrity of the unit.

  • New Hardware – The Summit features all-new nut/bolt combos, consisting of high quality allen bolts with square nuts that lock easily into the frame channels. The kit also comes with all hand tools necessary, including an ergonomic ball-tip allen driver and retail-grade combination wrench.

  • Moisture Control Kit  – Included in all Summit orders is one of our most popular accessories, the Moisture Control Kit. The Moisture Control Kit waterproofs and prevents insects, dirt, mold, and algae from entering the polycarbonate channels, preserving their long-term clarity.

  • Nine Feet Tall – Perhaps the most noticeable thing about the Summit is its height and headroom. One of the tallest in its class and a whole foot taller than the Elite, the Summit offers plenty of room to grow up as well as out.

The all-new Grandio Summit is available now! Shop HERE!